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Cory is a talented actor and performer who grew up in the Mississippi Delta where he developed a passion for theatre. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Southern Mississippi, and during this time he also taught drama at the Hattiesburg Family Education Center.

Currently based in Washington, DC, Cory has performed in a variety of productions including musicals, classical works, films, and plays. He has been a part of The Kennedy Center's long-running show Shear Madness, where he has brought laughter to audiences as both Eddie Lawrence and Nick O'Brien. In addition to his acting work, Cory has also produced and directed shows with Naked Theatre Company, a company he co-founded with Jared and Rachael Murray.

Looking towards the future, Cory has been working with a company to bring virtual performances into people's homes as part of an interactive experience. He is dedicated to continuing to bring entertainment and joy to audiences through his work in the performing arts.

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